Tom's favorite find is this GAR
Medal he found in 2006.
Name     Tom Godfrey______________         

What town  you live in now     Warner______________________

Where were you born     Warner_______________________

Places you have lived   Warner, Muskogee, Montans, and Keefton  _________

Schools you graduated from  Warner High School_________________

Type of work you do    Retired____________________

How long have you been Metal Detecting   9 Months___________________________

Clubs you belong to    Three Forks Treasure Hunters__________________________

How long have you belonged to Three Forks Treasure Hunters    7 Months________

Other types of hunting you do   Arrowheads_______________________

Favorite Metal Detector   Fisher_________________

Favorite type of hunting     Relic and Civil War____________________

Favorite terrains to hunt    Pastures_______________________

Your best find ever     Still Hunting______________________

Your favorite find      GAR Medal____________________________

Best thing that you have ever seen that was found    Civil war Relics__________________

What you would like to find    Gold Coins____________________

Where would you really like to hunt    Civil war Battlefields______________

What other hobbies or interests do you have   Photography, Fishing_______________

There is room below for anything else that you would like to add.