Water Hunt
Below is an interactive map to Taylor Ferry North.
Click on the  link to Google you can get driving
directions, see photos, and get coordinates.
            Three Forks Water Outing

    Our August Water Outing will be held on Saturday, August 23rd
    at Taylors fairy North Recreational Area on Fort Gibson Lake. It
    is the same place that we had the last one. The club will be
    supplying hamburgers and hot dogs for our cookout which will
    start around noon. Club members can bring side dishes. Bring your
    own drinks and chairs too. The hunt will be open to only club
    members and their immediate families. The club will be furnishing
    all of the silver dimes for the planted hunt. There will not be an
    entry fee but club members are encouraged to bring prize
    donations. Also bring extra water detectors and scoops for club
    members that do not have any. I will be bringing a couple of AT
    Pros to lend out.