GPS, Maps, and Relic Hunting Articles
Below are an assortment of articles that I have written in the past for
Three Forks Treasure Hunters Club Newsletter which I am the
editor of. As with all new technology some of these articles on GPS
Receivers have been and need to be updated. The Lowrance Global
Map, iFinder, and iFinder Pro GPS Receivers are already obsolete and I
will have a new article on the
Lowrance Expedition C Receiver up soon.
The older GPS articles provide some good basic info.
GPS, Maps, and Relic Hunting 2
GPS, Maps, and Relic Hunting 1
Jan. 2000
Jan. 2004
Ownership Plats and Permission
Maps, Notes, and Relic Hunting
Hitech Relic Hunting with the Rhino GPS
Some Relic Hunting Etiquette
Aug. 2009
County Maps
Relic Hunting Farm Fields
Below are examples of a newer map at a couple of different
zoom levels with an old 1896 GLO Map overlaid on top.
Alluwe is now a ghost town. The coordinate map notes are
showing the latitudes and longitudes to old house sites which
you can enter into your GPS.