Snap On Metal Detector Stands

Keep your valuable detector out of the Mud!  This Stand will
keep it high & dry!  And, it won’t tip over either!

This Stand just “snaps” onto the rod!  The clip is approx. 1-5/8” long, so you
need to have that much “straight” rod where you want to attach the stand.  It
snaps on very securely and most people never use the supplied set screw.  
This light and sturdy stand provides great stability & balance while keeping
the control box up out of the wet grass or dirt.  It has rubber feet so it won’t
scratch your vehicle if you like to lean your detector on it.

Weighs about 5 ounces, and is about 5" to 7” wide and 6" tall depending on
the type of  detector, but, the height can be adjusted easily by using a longer   
stem. Longer stems are available, just tell me the height you would like.  If
you want more than one stem, just add $2.00 for each additional stem.

This Light & Sturdy Stand has a nice wide footprint and is about 6” tall.  It
just “snaps” onto any 7/8 inch round rod but, it is especially great for the
F75.  F4, T2 & Minelab X-Terras because they are pretty top-heavy.  It can
be placed anywhere on the rod for terrific Stability and Balance.  
Includes s/s set screw (you don’t have to use it, stand clips on very securely).
Height is easily adjusted with inter-changeable stems (the part between the
clip and the feet).  

This Stand will fit any 7/8 inch round rod, which includes the Sovereign GT,
Elite, Advantage, most of the White’s models, Tesoros, Teknetics T2, Fisher
F4, F75, Coinstrike, and the CZs.
Here is an example of the
Stand on a Fisher Detector.
It will fit the F75, F4,
Teknetics T2, Coinstrike,
CZs, and any model with a
7/8" round rod.
Here is an example of the
Stand on a Whites Detector.
It will fit the DFX, MXT,
XLT, and any model with a
7/8" round rod.
Lots of colors to choose from so that you can match your detector's color.
Excalibur Stands
X-Terra Stands
Fisher Stands