The Twin Territories Treasure Hunters Club is a non-profit organization that was
    organized in October of 1996.  The purpose was to gather together metal  
    detectorists for fellowship, to grow in knowledge of historical facts and historical
    locations, and to share such with members, to promote interest in the hobby of
    metal detecting, to educate the public as to the value of our hobby, and to preserve
    and protect the rights of metal detectorists.  Membership is open to the public with
    the only requirement being that all members must follow the Treasure Hunters
    Code of Ethics.

                 Our meetings are held on the second Monday of each month
                 (except December), at 7:00 PM at:
                                                            Van's Pig Stand
                                                           1991 Tower Drive
                                                           Moore, Oklahoma   

                                                Visitors are always welcome!   

 Club Mailing Address:  Twin Territories Treasure Hunters Club
                             C/O Dan Pierce
                             18527 SE 108th
                           Newalla, OK 74857

     Or you may contact a club officer/member below:

    President                          Gary Brewster                         (405)-964-2212

    Vice President                  Gene Baker                             (405)-787-9584

    Newsletter Editor             Dan Pierce                               (405)-386-2858

    Webmaster                       Chuck Marcum             
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